Frequently Asked Questions

What is GYO?

GYO is money. It is a gold-backed medium of exchange, marrying the benefits of a distributed ledger with a tangible asset which has been universally valued as money for 5000 years. Find out more about this here.

The GYO solves the no. 1 problem which has been preventing even a single example of a cryptocurrency emerging as a transaction currency; in other words: money. Money must be a store of value over time and there must be a transparent process whereby the money-supply can grow as the economy grows; a process grounded in the free market.

What are the use cases of GYO?

GYO is designed to be a medium of exchange for all monetary transaction purposes. Owning GYO means you own gold; the GYO is simply a high-tech claim on that gold.

What is gold worth in terms of GYO?

1000 GYO to 1 Troy Ounce of gold.

What is the GYOα?

The GYOα is an investment token purely for the purposes of our pre-sale/ICO. GYOα will be redeemable for GYO over time (as gold reserves grow), guaranteeing pre-sale investors a future claim to gold.

GYO will be offered during our main sale. Please refer to the roadmap for timelines. The GYO is our utility token, our money; fully redeemable for gold, as well as silver, though the latter incurrs a 1% metal conversion fee.

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