Centaurus Marketplace

Community-Driven Food Trade


Our presale is coming soon.

The GYO Platform

The Grow Your Own Platform is a transparent and interoperable food trading platform that supports an ever-expanding suite of crop production with an exchangeable frictionless trading token - the GYO.

Introducing AdaptiGrow

A natural complement to the GYO currency is the AdaptiGrow smart planter, currently undergoing user trials - growing produce in an autonomous fashion and with minimal maintenance.

Combining productivity and aesthetics, the unit will be available at very accessible prices, giving three times the food or flower in one third the space, utilising an extremely compact advanced sensor and regulation system.

Furthermore, the system is able to adapt environmental programs based on the real-time performance of the plant, using machine learning to evolve and learn. And when one unit learns, all units learn, creating a powerful horticultural hive mind.

Users will enjoy the single-touch functionality as well as the IOT enabled integration to the online space. Within the AdaptiGrow ecosystem, users will be to use a supporting app which monitors the plants being grown, whilst informing the user anytime action needs to be taken.

Find out more about AdaptiGrow here.

The marketplace for GYO produce

Food grown via AdaptiGrow or any other method can be traded on the marketplace.

P2P means community-driven and powered.

Connect with others in your neighbourhood or globally to share and trade your produce.

Allows growers to achieve a diverse range of available produce together, of the highest quality.

An informed and versatile GYO marketplace.

Global from day 1
People can transact all across the globe without FX fees or delayed settlement.

Reducing the barrier to entry for commerical production
Food can be grown by people in the community with a ready go-to-market strategy.


A distributed ledger to support A-level trades.

Incentivising local production
It's a food market by the community, for the community and peer reviewed - no corporate politics attached.

Democratised Immutable Ledger
Information about produce and dealings is kept on an open source immutable platform - encouraging A-level output.

The Centaurus Marketplace

The Centaurus Marketplace has a central maxim; efficiency. The aim of the platform is to eliminate inefficiencies which unnecessarily bleed economic energy from the trading system.

The current agricultural exchange mechanisms are inefficient and cumbersome and have resulted in an increasingly miserable return for primary producers. Australian milk is a particularly stark example of this, with returns for the primary producer hovering close to production cost.

It is this marketplace which will allow the different urban agricultural movements, assets and technologies to connect seamlessly and build a flourishing foundation for a true urban agricultural revolution, which will solve the massive global productivity shortfall we are facing; the food crisis.

Funding Allocation

The GYO Token

The aim of the GYO is to create stable transaction money. The pre-sale is for early adopters and believers in the efficacy of our platform; incorporating significant economic incentive for early holders of GYO. The pre-sale tokens are denominated GYOα (alpha).

We guarantee all pre-sale investors to be able to redeem their GYOα for gold over time (see whitepaper).

The GYO main sale will back all tokens with a target floor of 70% gold (based on a fixed GYO to 1 troy ounce of gold peg), via Goldmoney and the Perth Mint, giving a large incentive to ICO/pre-sale customers. The main sale will be ongoing.

Gold-backing sets a floor to the currency. New token injection will occur via an automated mechanism targeting price stability of our marketplace prices in terms of a reference fiat currency basket. This is a transparent mechanism to smooth volatility and generate a stable transaction currency; money with real value. Initial backing on new tokens post the presale will be in excess of 90% in order to bring all tokens up to 70% over time. In order to achieve fiat price stability, the 70% floor may be lowered over time according to automated mechanisms we will publish.

Launched on EOS: EOS is a platform that currently has proven transactions speeds of over 5000 T/sec; they will have no fees for general users and the mainnet will launch in early June. This fits the current needs of our platform. Continued research and development of the eos platform helps us ensure that our platform is future-proof.

Our Team

Gabriel Thelen


Stuart Reynolds

Chief Operations Officer

Dean Little

Chief Technology Officer

Harry Soiland

Chief Systems Architect

Georgina Szanyel

Chief Full-Stack Developer

Zuzana Kloknerova

Chief Marketing Officer